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Our Activities


Children’s day, being one of the best day of the year for kids is celebrated on November 14, on the birth anniversary of the Jawaharlal Nehru. As we know that nowadays kids are extensively engaged with digital items due to which they ignore their physical well being so, we celebrate children’s day by arranging outdoor games.

Parents & Students Views

We build partnership with parents and develop mutual responsibility for childrens’ success in the educational system. In this way, parental involvement is increased, parents’ effort to support the institute is encouraged, and they are directly making a positive impact to a successful educational system. Considering the importance of parents’ participation and involvement in institutional activities we analyse the positive effects of parental involvement. Since, to maintain such bond the views of parents are greatly advantageous.


“Birthday celebrations are important for emotional and social child development”

Birthdays are important milestones for children of all ages. At Ideal Tutorials, we recognize that children enjoy sharing their special day with classmates. Thеу remember еасh detail аnd іt mаkеѕ uѕ feel wonderful thаt everyone takes part іn creating the wonderful memory for the very child.


Embarking on educational tours and submerging students into cultural experiences have been found to be invaluable for their development and understanding. It allows them to open their eyes to new environments, positively shapes their perspective on an international level and trigger ideas and solutions, that may not stem from their familiar comforts and habits Not only that, taking the students out of the classroom and into a new environment allows them to work as a team with other classmates outside of their normal group. Also like cherry on the top, they also make lifelong memories among peers, which is no doubt a fun learning experience in itself.


Debate is one of the academic activities that give students creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparalled . All the teams exhibited great oratorical skills. They put in tremendous hard work to showcase their hidden talent. The debaters displayed confidence in presenting their arguments before audience .


During the lock down period IDEAL TUTORIALS had organized a Poster Making Competition for the students. The objective of the competition was to ignite the fire of imagination and creativity in the students. The theme of the competition was ‘Digital India’ . Students were asked to express their ideas through paintings and sketches.The young learners displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters .Students participated in the competition with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful posters. It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds creating and displaying their ideas on paper. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity during the pandemic.

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